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Code of Conduct

CAMheads forum  The reason for CAMheads: is a online cnc community set up by CAMaster CNC for its customers and others who would like to know more about CAMaster or cnc in general. welcomes all no matter what machine the person uses. The user may state what machine they use but please keep in mind this forum is hosted by CAMaster CNC and should not be used as a platform for sales of other machines or software not offered by CAMaster.   The goal of this forum is to provide a place where CNC users have a place to share ideas, projects, success stories, and to get help. Knowledge is power and this is what offers to us all.  - Forum Code of Conduct: is moderated by users of the forum. These rules of conduct are to help guide moderators in their decisions to sensor, move, or delete any post deemed to be against the forum code of conduct.  - Who is For? This forum is for anyone CAMaster owner or not. No one should be viewed as an outsider because his machine is not yellow. We are all in this together and we learn from others. This is a open CNC forum for any one to express their views as long as it is not damaging to others, companies or individuals.       - Language Vulgar or obscene language and or jokes will not be permitted. This is a place where kids from schools come to learn about the machine in their shop class. Violators will be given a warning and the post will be changed or deleted. It the same individual commits another violation of this forum rule the Administrator will be notified and a ban of 5 days will be imposed. If a third violation is committed the Administrator will make the decision to ban the user for more days or life. This depends on the type of infraction committed by the user.  Inappropriate or offensive language includes, but is not limited to, any language or content that is sexually oriented, sexually suggestive or abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, profane, hateful, or that contains racially, ethnically, political, religious or otherwise objectionable material of any kind.  We ask that you please be considerate to other members in the forums when posting your messages.  - Focused Posting Please keep your posts focused on the topic of the forum in which you are submitting your message. Each forum has a different topic, so what is appropriate in one forum or thread may not be appropriate in another. Moderators have the right to move any post to the proper threade. A redirect can be issued for a period of 24 hours notifying that the post has been moved.  - Double Posting Please do not double post the same topic in multiple forum sections. This is a irritation to users and will result in threads being moved or deleted.   - CAMaster Owners Only The CAMaster owners only section of the forum is where CAMaster owners can exchange vital information about them selves or their machines. Some material such as macros and programing is sensitive and important to the success of CAMaster. This information should be discussed in the privacy of the owners only section to help protect CAMaster.  This section of the forum is another avenue for support. (CAMasters policy for tech support is for the customer to fill out a tech ticket. This forum is not a replacement for support.) But this section of CAMheads is monitored by CAMaster tech's more than other threads because all post here are from customers. It is this forums as well as CAMaster's goal to support the owners of CAMaster machines. All post that is intended for the reason of getting or receiving support from CAMaster or owners should be posted in this section. This support should be machine specific and not someone wanting to know how to add a button to their screen or surface the spoil board. These type of questions are in general and not CAMaster specific.   Post by owners in the general section of may be moved to this section of the forum by Moderators if they feel that the topic at hand should be  1. Privy to CAMaster tech's - as a post in this section will email tech support.  2. Only be seen by CAMaster owners. - Info only applies to CAMaster machines and not to general use of a cnc machine.  3. Is derogatory to CAMaster CNC or another company and the Moderator wants the help from other Moderators or Administrators.    - Deleting or Removing Threads and Post is a open forum and a customer has a right to post his/her opinions. But if a post is vindictive or spiteful of any company and can directly effect the lively hood of individuals this will not be tolerated. And will result in the removal of post or thread entirely. Violations of any of the rules implied by these codes of conduct will result in the removal of post or threads. If a user continues the proper steps will be taken (see the section on banning)   - Copyrighted Material  It is illegal to post any content that is copyrighted or trademarked, unless you hold the copyright or trademark. Any material protected by copyright may not be posted in the message boards without the expressed permission of the author or owner of the copyright on that material. Any post violating this will be removed and a warning issued to the poster.  - Advertisements does not have paid advertisement. All of the ads that appear at the top of this forum is a product or service CAMaster CNC provides.  Any one posting ads to a product or spamming by posting in many threads. Will be warned and the ad will be removed.  - Links Posting links is ok as long as the material being linked to is prudent to the subject in the thread and is not damaging to CAMaster CNC or any other business.  - Links to Other Forums Links to other forums is ok. There is no need to think you do not know about or attend other forums. Forums are a great way to expand information. As long as the thread on the other forum is on point and in good taste. Other forums allow content that will not so please use discretion when linking.   - Banning Members  reserves the right at its sole discretion to restrict, suspend, or terminate your access to any part of these forums. If you violate any of the rules stated in this document. You must maintain a current, valid email address in the registration information so that you can be notified of a policy violation.  Any member, who consistently violates our conduct code will at the administrators’ discretion, be denied access to these forums for a period of 1 to 30 days depending on the nature of the violation. If the member refuses to comply with the policies of will be banned permanently. In the event that a member is banned, any posts, files, images or any other content uploaded or posted to this site may remain on this site with full rights to to use, modify, copy, distribute, transmit and display the materials, even after a member is banned. - Private Messaging All forum rules apply to private messaging. All rules that are broken via private messaging will be dealt with in the same fashion as if they were posted on the forum itself. - The End Result These codes of conduct are enforced to help provide a stable and safe environment for users of any age, sex, or origin. The intent of this forum is to advance the knowledge of CNC to any who would like to participate in a manner that upholds these rules and all they imply. The ability to share and to post here is a privilege and not a right. is a privately owned forum and extends welcome to all who comply.   Joey Jarrard Administrator