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reals8gy 10-26-2020 05:06 PM

Abort - Reset E-stop / Single vs 3 Phase Stinger II
Iím the proud owner of a used stinger sr-34 that is probably over 5 years old.
I canít get wincnc to communicate with the router yet. Iím only getting ďabort-reset e-stop.

I opened up the front enclosure to see ďautomation direct 230v 3ph.Ē
Please say it ainít so of a stinger II having 3 phase power.
Itís a 2hp spindle and that would explain no power.

Otherwise any help is appreciated.
Sorry for the newbie style post. Iíve been to Vectric training and thought I was stepping up with a camaster for my first machine and hope I donít regret not confirming a smaller router with 3 phase requirements.

Andrew B

guitarwes 10-26-2020 05:26 PM

Best thing is for you to contact CAMaster tech support and see if you can figure out if it's really 3 phase or single phase.
As for the "abort reset e-stop", try twisting the red e-stop buttom on the side of the control box until it pops out. It may have gotten pushed in in moving.

reals8gy 10-26-2020 05:28 PM

I agree with you.
Moderators you can delete this thread.
Iíve had 3 phase confirmed, which is a new hurdle.
Excited to get going, now with a VFD.

Jim Becker 10-26-2020 08:42 PM

Um..m the spindles are 3 phase. (except for the one tiny 1.0kw option) That's how they work. But the power requirement from the wall is single phase unless you have a really big machine that has horsepower that requires industrial 3 phase power. The Stinger series use 4 wire 240v circuits from the wall when equipped with the size spindles they support. The VFD converts the single phase power to 3 phase to power the spindle. The rest of the controller is running on 120v power which is why a four wire circuit is required. Ask Camaster for the prep guide for your machine and spindle size.

Charlie_L 10-26-2020 09:17 PM

Yes, single phase into the frequency drive and the drive outputs 3 phase to the spindle. I always think that is cool magic. [fantastic]

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