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I tried out my 3 1/8" Amana 2+2 Spoil Board Cutter, and as Russel stated it started to Burn/Scorch the MDF leaving a shinny surface, not what you want. That being said I have the inserts that came with it which are the wrong ones. The one it came with are for plywood and chip board, they also make MDF, and also soft/hard wood inserts. I suspect that changing to the MDF inserts will solve this issue. After I order the proper set I will give more feed back.
I know this is digging up an old post, but I finally purchased the correct inserts for re-surfacing MDF, and didn't want to leave Amana Tools stuck in the dirt...better late than forever? If you follow these feeds and speeds (350-400 IPM @ 7,000-8,000 RPM) as instructed by tools today. I think my exact settings were 375 IPM @ 7,500 RPM. and the MDF came out smoother and cooler than the chap on the label of a Samuel Adams beer bottle (NO scorching or build up) I posted so Amana wasn't unfairly judged, and also in case someone else has the same cutter and needed the correct setting.
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