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Originally Posted by Michael Mezalick View Post
I've looked at this picture several times and I just realized that it may be a fake....
Look at the red arrow.
The support is touching the side of the material...
How is the remaining material to the left being cut....Humm ????

Unless I'm seeing it incorrectly ????

Maybe...but as you know, pics taken on certain angles with a non-stereo vison camera, can be deceiving because it lacks depth information., "I have a real good photo...can't you just 'convert' it to 3D?"

The Modal operates in a huge area, travelling up to 150 metres along its X-axis, 9 metres along its Y-axis, and over 4 metres vertically along the Z-axis. It can rotate 270 degrees and swivel its tip 190 degrees (an impressive feat as swiveling tips go).
With an articulating head and long bit, it doesn't have to get as close as you might think.

Plus 2...what, nobody liked my 4th axis post?

Plus 3...what Gary said. Because HE WAS THERE !!!
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