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Also as far as how we are running here is a break down.
Measure T1
Measure T2
Measure T3
Double check Z
Touchtop and go

I always measure on initial start up. Probably not necessary but it takes like three whole minutes. Once everything is set we only touchtop if we switch part thicknesses and only remeasure if changing a tool, usually T3.

There is still something funky that happens if get tool is pressed on T3 after all measurements are finished. The native Z resets to bottom of the spoilboard. This why I run the Z down just to double check. In the grand scheme of things double checking Z height periodically has been a good habit.

And honestly touchtop has worked better for the majority of what we are running. It's not a milling machine but I prefer my cutting depth from too be more precise and have to deal with an onion skin or little spoilboard wear than countersunk holes or specific tool paths being too light or too heavy.
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