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Originally Posted by rcrawford View Post
I have the Amana 1.5". Not impressed with it. The horizontal inserts don't have a way for the chips to clear and they get clogged up and burn. The inserts don't have a positive seat either, so it's very hard to line them up evenly. It cuts about 1/3 of the spoilboard before leaving burn marks (I cut at 600ipm and 18000 rpm). I'd be interested to know how a larger 2+2 cuts.
I agree with RC and have had the same experience with Amana which I wrote them and they never responded so that is the last time I purchased any of the bits. I have much better luck with the solid carbide bits for surfacing. I have inserts on my jointer and planer spirals heads and they are excellent. I have purchased many different bits from various manufacturers with different coatings and some are good and some are not so it is hit or miss. I bought the four flute bits for my router table and they make a big different in cut quality which I have also notice on the CNC machine. IMHO.
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