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Default Abort - Reset E-stop / Single vs 3 Phase Stinger II

Iím the proud owner of a used stinger sr-34 that is probably over 5 years old.
I canít get wincnc to communicate with the router yet. Iím only getting ďabort-reset e-stop.

I opened up the front enclosure to see ďautomation direct 230v 3ph.Ē
Please say it ainít so of a stinger II having 3 phase power.
Itís a 2hp spindle and that would explain no power.

Otherwise any help is appreciated.
Sorry for the newbie style post. Iíve been to Vectric training and thought I was stepping up with a camaster for my first machine and hope I donít regret not confirming a smaller router with 3 phase requirements.

Andrew B
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