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Old 12-16-2018, 02:19 PM
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Thanks John. I didn't know they made such a thing.

#10 screws with a finishing washer are too big though for the "fastener channel" on a PanelClip. I'll have to either switch to a pan-head screw, or figure something else out.
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Old 12-16-2018, 05:45 PM
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Default Epoxy

Michael mentioned the Hilti epoxy approach above.

I'm not aware of any of their offerings that involve a screw head, but there's no reason you couldn't just avoid the anchor entirely, drill an appropriate depth hole through your formed grouting into the masonry below and squirt that hole full of (thickened) epoxy and stick the (proper length) pan head screw through the panel clip and into the epoxy filled hole, supporting the whole thing until the epoxy kicks in. This might require "several extra hands" if you're mixing the epoxy for all the holes at once.

My guess is that you'd want the hole to be drilled only slightly larger than the outside thread diameter of your screw. That way the epoxy surrounding the screw is not bearing the entire force by itself. Be sure & make your hole a little "extra deep" because some of that stuff is going to get compacted into the hole (along with any remaining dust) and you don't want to end up with the screw head protruding too far.
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