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Old 01-12-2020, 10:09 AM
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Originally Posted by T.R.MacMunn View Post
Thanks Ug ........ one of those might just do the trick. I'll have to give this some more thought. I think I can probably make up a bunch of boxes with irregular widths & park them side by each & do them in a V-carve. I don't care about straight sides on the letters, because you don't get them when sandblasting. anyway.
So ....... question ........ they have a 6" bit with a .25" shaft. Carbide, I know nothing about metal .... can I cut that bit off to say 4" or so? Can you cut carbide with a hack saw?
I've cut down a few engraving bits for a fast fix. Used the bench grinder lil at a time, they do get hot.

What about ACM panel bits? They have an .09" flat bottom tho
This set shows a few...

AMS-151 8-Pc V-Groove for Double Edge Folding

# RC45716 shows inserts... wonder if they have a radius avail?
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Old 01-14-2020, 11:35 AM
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I'm going to try to stay away from a flat bottom. I think it would just look "wrong" . The ones pictured aren't steep enough anyway. The best ones I've seen so far are the ones posted earlier ..... one of which was 6" long, but had a rounded bottom. They were 60* bits, which should be fine, although I think a 45* might be a bit better.
First chance I get, I'm going to experiment .... I'd really like to get away from sandblasting altogether, although I still have CHVG cedar in stock that I'd like to use up.
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Old 01-14-2020, 07:30 PM
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If 60 degree works for you I often use a round nose 60 degree V bit from MLCS...

Check out the 5418 and 7718 items.
Charlie L
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