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Old 06-29-2019, 10:00 PM
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As an aside, my good friend Sam Blasco (SCM/Minimax) lives in that area of Texas...
Jim Becker

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Old 06-30-2019, 07:33 AM
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I did some digging into this with my contacts at CAMaster and Teknic as no one wants to see a user in need suffer from long lead times when a production machine goes down. I don't, CAMaster and Teknic don't, for sure a broken down user with parts to make doesn't. Here is what I found:

Teknic servos are individually (by axis) spec'ed for each CAMaster machine model they are installed on. Once that design is agreed upon and tested, Teknic produces them for CAMaster, with a CAMaster part number. CAMaster orders them as needed (actually before needed) with a standard 6 weeks lead time and usually stocks some extra units for repair or warranty needs.

As the machine design changes, motor requirement changes, therefore some part numbers become "obsolete" due to lack of use. CAMaster stocks them for a period of time, tapering off reorders for a few years, usually having some stock on hand or on order for 4-5 years after a part number becomes obsolete.

These legacy motors are (almost) ALWAYS available for reorder with normal lead time. (6 weeks) and in many cases are stocked by CAMaster. That said, in my experience, what usually happens is that a line of severe storms crosses the South and messes up 3 or 4 machines in a couple different states and only the first guy or two gets in stock parts. Multiple machines in multiple states being hit by lightning happens more often than one might think.

Teknic and CAMaster are working on a process to "expedite" non-stocked motors for down machines. It may cut the lead times substantially, but will never eliminate it. These motors will still need to be manufactured as special order. Most likely with an upcharge.

As a machine owner you must take responsibility for your own house. Lightning strikes and part failures are unavoidable. If your production schedule cannot accept down time, then you must stock replacement parts yourself. This becomes more important as these machines age. Older parts are less likely to be stocked by the OEM. Older parts may be more sensitive to lightning surges than their newer replacements.

One last item.... if you have had multiple issues with blown electronics parts I would strongly suggest that you have your internal and external electrical distribution systems checked by a qualified commercial electrician.

As a former remote service tech, you cannot believe some of the "hack jobs" I have seen in electrical panels. Also, make sure that all the poles near your shop have the earth ground in place, as metal weed whacker blades can cut them. We know how it turns out when the CNC machine is lightnings best path to ground.
Gary Campbell
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Old 06-30-2019, 08:58 AM
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Damn !, Being Commercial we have always used commercial electricians and feel that has contributed to the now 7 year life of my machine without a loss of time more than a few hours. (air connections bad etc) I will look to what motors I have, My machine was the CAMaster show machine in 2012
James McGrew
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Old 07-01-2019, 08:48 AM
cncdood cncdood is offline
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Oh wow, thank you Dough and Gary and everyone. This is a super helpful community!

As it turns out, I have been able to make the existing motor work by simply moving the gantry immediately after any operation that moves the z up to the limit switch. That seems to be what triggers the error.

It's a bit more manual than I'd like, but it works for now. Support has recommended that I swap the z motor with one of the Y's to see if the problem persists, so that'll be my next step.

Really appreciate you all!
Austin, TX

2013 Cobra 510 w/ ATC
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