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Old 10-29-2020, 03:46 PM
Duraloy Technologies Duraloy Technologies is offline
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Question Collet chuck wouldn't release on ATC and brown marks on collet chuck

Yesterday when I went to park our machine (cobra elite with atc) the gantry went above the tool location dropped down and pushed into the plastic tool holders but the code was stuck at M17C4 Waiting for clamp to open. I could hear the clamp open up but the collet was still stuck in place. I tried to manually eject the tool then and it made the noise as if it were releasing the clamp but the collet chuck was still stuck in place. I managed to get it free by lightly tapping on the collet chuck with a rubber mallet and then activating the manual release which caused the bit to shoot out of the holder. I noticed that there were brown spots "burnt" into the outside of the collet chuck. I tried wiping them away but they weren't coming off. I figured there must've been dust or something that got in there and burned itself onto the outside of the collet chuck. Has anyone had this happen before?

After releasing the tool I replaced it in the tool holder and tested the machine again and it was able to grab and replace tools no issue, however; prior to this incident when the atc was activated and was picking up different bits there was a distinct "click" or mechanical thud when it grabbed them and clamped down on them. Now it is nearly silent when it grabs and clamps them but they are still tightly secured and free spinning. I double checked with others who have seen the machine run frequently and we all notice the distinct change in sound. Is it normal for there to be a mechanical click when the automatic tool changer works or is it supposed to be relatively silent?

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Old 10-29-2020, 05:07 PM
Steve Burke Steve Burke is offline
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Looks like the holder needs to be cleaned and a put a light coat of oil on it. I would look inside the spindle and probably clean it and lube it as well.
I'm not sure how your spindle is made, but on the large industrial units (Mazak, Okuma) there is a draw bar inside the spindle that on occasion needs to be lubed and adjusted. Maybe someone with the type spindle you have would have 1st hand knowledge.
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Old 11-02-2020, 07:36 AM
Doug S Doug S is offline
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Mine gets those brown bands on them also after time. I steel wool the brown off and apply a fine coat of KROIL to the holder.
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Old 11-04-2020, 10:57 PM
rcrawford rcrawford is online now
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Be sure to clean your spindle with the proper brush to remove dust. The dust should be blowing out before it picks up a new cone, but sometimes some gets trapped in there, or there is some on your cone that isn't blown off by the pulse of air.

Those cones do need to be changed occasionally. Be careful cleaning them with steel wool - maybe use a good blade cleaner instead. If you damage the spindle it is very expensive to repair or replace. Much cheaper to replace damaged cones instead.
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