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Old 09-21-2018, 05:32 PM
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Originally Posted by BradyWatson View Post
Now you're talkin'....I did 50,000 letters 1.5" tall for Federated Dept Stores (Macys etc), using commercial grade laminating adhesive, .090" styrene as a sacrificial layer and SintraTop PVC for the letters. When done, a little solvent wipe on the backside of the letters took off any adhesive still left on. I used vacuum to hold the whole git up down and a straight bit to leave chips IN the kerf to assist in side-to-side wiggle prevention because it was a very tight nest. I lost a few letter 'i' parts, but just would up running an extra 100 of them to make up for it. The glue ups were run through a laminator to make sure they were 'stuck real good' - so keep that in mind if you try it.

Hold down IS the entire job with this work...all else is gravy.

This is essentially how we cut small letters without a vacuum. If you add a layer of paint mask between the letter and adhesive there's no residue to clean up. Additionally if the material already has a paper mask- like acrylic- you can add the paint mask and dial in the DOC so it only goes through the paper- not necessary but can make extracting the letters a little easier. We're not cutting 50k at a time though.
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