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Old 09-21-2018, 12:11 PM
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Still hard for me to make out what everything is because the image and text is so small, I may just be that blind, who knows.
Looks like that will work better, BUT it's your shop and your work flow. Like others have said, try to imagine going thru the motions doing several different types of jobs and see what may flow best.
It looks like you will have problems unloading the most western CNC machine off the end. I would shift both of them eastward where at least you have the end of the table cleared to a distance of about 8-10'. You could actually rotate the machines 45 degrees and have your scissor lifts on the end and offload the parts on the sides. (see Jim McGrew's loading/offloading setup) Just allow enough room between machines to get a rolling table or narrow scaffolding.
You will inevitably lose a little suction from the pumps being that far away, but with 2 Beckers per machine I think you will be fine for cabinet parts. Plus the convenience of having the extra space and heat/noise reduction is a plus.
Edited to add: nevermind that last part about rotating your machines 45 degrees. If that drawing is to scale, there probably won't be enough room.
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Old 09-21-2018, 12:31 PM
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I thought I would vent my dc outside. It worked ok in the spring until I turned on the a/c.
It sucked too much heated or cooled air out of the building. I broke down and bought a clearvue with those big filter stacks so I can keep my conditioned air inside the building.

It gets around 100 here for months in the summer and the machines running in the shop sure don't make that any cooler.

Same deal for you in the winter, blowing that conditioned air outside can get pretty spendy.

On the more technical side of things if you make your building negative pressure it can suck the exhaust gas appliances into your work area. You need your building to be positive or neutral pressure. Ideally positive.

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