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Old 09-10-2020, 02:46 PM
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Default Hello from Arizona


I should preface this by saying I don't have a CAMaster. So I hope I am still welcome. Puzzle design is a hobby of mine and I'm a long time user of SolidWorks. To date, most of my designs have been saved as STL files and uploaded to Shapeways or i.Materialise for 3D printing. I wanted to make a nicer version of some of my packing puzzles and give them a wooden board. You can see my first such attempt here:

That wooden board was made on a co-worker's CNC machine and I'm currently trying to give myself the ability to make these and similar boards on my own. But despite having years of CAD experience, I have no CAM experience. The Stinger I is a bit too much $$$ for me as I don't yet even have my feet wet so I'm looking into getting the Onefinity to play around with. Maybe I'll upgrade to a Stinger I down the road after I know what I am doing.

I mainly joined here to read about and maybe ask a few questions in the software section. I know SolidWorks has a SolidWorks CAM plugin but I've never used it. Onefinity hasn't yet released a post processor for SolidWorks CAM but they have released one for Vectric (VCarve and Aspire).

In forums like this one and the one for the Onefinity, I see little discussion of SolidWorks CAM and far more discussion about Aspire. Is there a reason for that? I already use SolidWorks for the design side of things but as I don't yet know the CAM side I'm wondering if teaching myself SolidWorks CAM is a good investment in my time if very few CNC router owners are using it. Would I be better off getting and teaching myself Aspire?

As this is an introductory post I won't go into all my other questions, but its questions like the above that brought me here.

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Old 09-10-2020, 03:48 PM
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Welcome, Yes we are here for the CAMaster Owner yet we welcome those who may bring a knowledge or share to the benefit of the CAMaster owner !

again welcome
James McGrew
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Old 09-11-2020, 07:40 AM
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Two sided machining with v carve or aspire would make the puzzle in the video.

I was used to think I was going to use cad a lot. turns out I use cam 99.999% of the time for what I do.

As far as aspire being popular for flat table cnc, I think it was pretty much developed for that application. It has workarounds for the lack of axis/axises compared to a cnc mill.
Solidworks may be a better software for a mill asfaik. I was using autodesk and simply didn't need what it could do for my cnc.

Check out vectrics forums and see how people are importing solidworks to vectric.

I would check with your cnc mfg about getting a post as well.

torture puzzles... i didn't know these were a thing:)

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onefinity, solidworks

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