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Old 08-08-2019, 02:54 PM
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Spoilboard attachment...... oh no you didn't.

If you ordered a vacuum table machine with an mdf plenum. Use the regular mdf you build with for a spoilboard.

Simply use the 1.5 surfacing bit in the starter kit and resurface the plenum until all the paint is gone from an area big enough for a full sheet of mdf.

Put the new sheet of mdf on there and surface it takinging about .050 off of it.
( to get rid of the glue seal from mfg )

Set the sheet off and put a dot of glue on each square in the plenum and a bead all the way around the outside.

Get help and set the sheet of mdf you surfaced, surfaced side down as straight as you can get it.

You can turn on the vacuum and suck it down for a while or so or just leave it to cure for whatever your glue says.

Now seal the edges of the spoilboard with paint, glue, edgebanding, gold leaf, good tape. Whatever is air tight.

Surface the top.

Now you have a spoilboard that is parallel to your gantry.
Write this in large letters across your screen in red paint. Check Z

Make sure there is a filter between the table and the vacuum pump.

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